Passive income through stock market

Is it worth it ?

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3 min readAug 8, 2020

I am an average person. I like to think myself as reasonably financially aware.

Like all of you, I also invest buy insurance, buy mutual funds, invest in my retirement and buy stocks.

This is the prudent thing to do, TV and internet tells me.

We see people declaring random sectors and unheard of company stocks the best investments of our times. "This has never happened before!!" — they tell you.

"You're missing out"- are you really ?

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This is the biggest market rally ever.

You’ll find ads on the internet for brokers, stock tips, hidden gems — If it’s so hidden why are you advertising it over on a website.

The game is up. There are no secrets. The brokers are not aware. The game is rigged ; all they want is your money.

Every time you pay for insurance, your insurance agent makes money. You do not need 4 life insurance policies but that’s not what your agent will advice you.

His income depends you making an investment in his specific plan — one that he advices you on. This is a pure conflict of interest.

There have been tons of cases where people have been advised to buy Ulip's(investment+insurance) which has eroded the hard earned money of unsuspecting people.

When the investments go down the drain; they tell you the market is risky and you are aware of the risks. Turns out, you were not.

Whenever there is a big drop in the market- the ads change from mutual funds sahi hai(mutual funds are good investments) to There is risk in mutual funds

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They purposefully withheld critical information which could've changed your decision.

When you invest in a mutual fund — they get 1% commission. If you move the money out, they get a commission. If you pull out the money, they get your money. The whole system is designed to benefit them, unless you adhere to "their" arbitary rules.


No bank would ask you increase contribution to your PF account. No one will tell us to invest our hard earned money where we, the customers have the best benefits.

A simple investment of an additional Rs.1000 in your PF turns into 21 lakhs(2.1 million) over a 35 year period. This is just Rs. 1000 — think about how multifold this amount can be if you invest a bit more than that.

Maybe you can invest 2000 or maybe 10000. It alone adds 40 lakhs to over 2 Crore to your post-retirement income.

Looks real simple right?

Would the bank tell that? Would your insurance agent? Would your financial planner?

Try asking them these questions.

The answer is an absolute NO.

Reason — They do not make any money on it. Simple.

Financial planning is easy. If you know what to do, what to read, who to follow.

What happens when your 1 lakh investment turns to 50000 due to Coronavirus. 50000 needs 100% gain to come back to 1lakh again. This is not possible. So you need safe investments as well.

Does your agent tell you that. ?


The issue we're getting impressed by people who use smart-sounding words like diversification/risk-management/hedging without actually understanding what they actually entail.

They use financial terminology in front of you to look smart. It reinforces the belief that they know what they're talking about.

4 financial crashes in the last 2 decades. I don't think they understand.

Say no to experts.

I use no experts, except my dad.

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Let me rephrase, "Say no to experts ; if their financial well-being depends on you making bad decisions."

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